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Institution Name: Moorpark College
City: Moorpark
State: CA
Zip Code: 93021
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Transfer Course
Equivalent HPU Course
ANAT M01 (Human Anatomy) BIOL 2XXX () Credits: 4
BIOL 2XXX () Credits: 4
ANTH M01 (Biological Anthropology) ANTH 1XXX () Credits: 3
ANTH M02 (Cultural Anthropology) ANTH 2000 (Cultural Anthropology) Credits: 3
ANTH M101 (Biological Anthropology) ANTH 1XXX () Credits: 3
ART M10 (Art Appreciation) ARTS 1000 (Introduction to Visual Arts) Credits: 3
ART M11 (Art History) ARTH 2200 (Foundations of Western Art) Credits: 3
ART M12 (Hist of Art:Renaissance/Modern) ARTH 2200 (Foundations of Western Art) Credits: 3
ART M20 (2D Design) ARTS 2150 (Introduction to Design) Credits: 3
ART M30 (Drawing and Composition I) ART 1131 (Drawing I) Credits: 0
AST M01 (An Introduction to Astronomy) PHYS 1020 (Astronomy) Credits: 3
BIOL M01 (Introduction to Biology) BIOL 1000 (Introductory Biology) Credits: 4
BIOL M02A (General Biology I) BIOL 2050 (General Biology I) Credits: 4
BIOL 2051 (General Biology I Lab) Credits: 1
BIOL M02B (General Biology II) BIOL 2052 (General Biology II) Credits: 4
BIOL 2053 (General Biology II Lab) Credits: 1
BUS M30 (Introduction to Business) BUS 1000 (Introduction to Business) Credits: 3
CD M23 (Health, Safety, & Nutrition) TRAN 1XXX () Credits: 3
CHEM M01A (General Chemistry I) CHEM 2050 (General Chemistry I) Credits: 4
CHEM 2051 (General Chemistry I Lab) Credits: 1
CHEM M01B (General Chemistry II) CHEM 2052 (General Chemistry II) Credits: 4
CHEM 2053 (General Chemistry II Lab) Credits: 1
CHEM M12 (Introductory Chemistry I) CHEM 1000 (Introductory Chemistry) Credits: 5
CIS M28 (Microsoft Office) CSCI 1011 (Intro to Computer Info Systems) Credits: 3
CJ M04 (Legal Aspects-Evidence) JADM 1XXX () Credits: 3
CJ M11 (Criminal Investigation) JADM 1XXX () Credits: 3
COMM M01 (Introduction to Speech) COM 2000 (Public Speaking) Credits: 3
COMM M07 (Argumentation & Debate) COM 2640 (Argumentation and Debate) Credits: 3
COMM M12 (Intercultural Communication) COM 2300 (Comm and Culture) Credits: 3
ECON M01 (Principles of Microeconomics) ECON 2010 (Principles of Microeconomics) Credits: 3
ECON M02 (Principles of Macroeconomics) ECON 2015 (Principles of Macroeconomics) Credits: 3
ENGL M01A (English Composition) WRI 1100 (Writing & Analyzing Arguments) Credits: 4
ENGL M01AH (Honors: English Composition) WRI 1100 (Writing & Analyzing Arguments) Credits: 4
ENGL M01B (Lit-Critical Think/Comp) ENG 2000 (The Art of Literature) Credits: 3
ENGL M01C (Critical Thinking & Comp) WRI 1200 (Rsch, Argmt, and Writing) Credits: 3
ENGL M02 (Intro to College Writing) WRI 1050 (English Fundamentals) Credits: 0
ENSC M01 (Environmental Science) ENVS 2000 (Prin of Environmental Science) Credits: 3
ENSC M01L (Environmental Science Lab) ENVS 2001 (Prin of Environmental Sci Lab) Credits: 1
FILM M10 (Introduction to Cinema) MULT 2000 (Global Cinema Studies) Credits: 3
FREN M01 (Elementary French I) FR 1100 (Beginning French I) Credits: 4
GEOG M01 (Physical Geography) GEOG 1000 (Intro to Physical Geography) Credits: 3
GEOG M01L (Physical Environment Lab) GEOG 1XXX () Credits: 1
GEOG M02 (Cultural Geography) GEOG 1500 (World Regional Geography) Credits: 0
GERM M01 (Elementary German I) FL 1100 (Foreign Language) Credits: 4
HED M01 (Health and Society) TRAN 1XXX () Credits: 2
HIST M01A (Western Civilization I) HIST 2112 (Medieval & Early Modern Europe) Credits: 3
HIST M01B (Western Civilization II) HIST 2113 (Modern Europe) Credits: 3
HIST M06 (History of Amer Indian) HIST 2XXX () Credits: 3
HIST M07A (Social/Political Hist of US I) HIST 2401 (American History to 1877) Credits: 3
HIST M07B (Social/Political Hist of US II) HIST 1402 (The Amer. Exp. 1865 to Present) Credits: 3
HIST M16 (Asian Civilization II) HIST 2301 (Intro to Asian Civilizations) Credits: 3
HIST M20A (World History I) HIST 2001 (History World Cultures to 1500) Credits: 3
HIST M20B (World History II) HIST 2002 (Global Hist Exp Since 1500) Credits: 3
HUM M02 (Individual and the Arts) HUM 1000 (The Human Condition) Credits: 6
HUM M07 (Humanities through the Arts) HUM 1000 (The Human Condition) Credits: 3
JAPN M01 (Elementary Japanese I) JPE 1100 (Beginning Japanese I) Credits: 4
JOUR M01 (Media and Society) COM 1XXX () Credits: 3
KIN M43 (Cardio Kickboxing) PE 2111 (Spts/Fitness:Cardio Kickboxing) Credits: 1
KIN M71 (Golf) PE 1XXX () Credits: 0
MATH M03 (Intermediate Algebra) MATH 1105 (Intermediate Algebra) Credits: 5
MATH M05 (College Algebra) MATH 1130 (Pre-Calculus I) Credits: 3
MATH M06 (Trigonometry) MATH 1140 (Pre-Calculus II) Credits: 3
MATH M07 (College Algebra & Trig) MATH 1140 (Pre-Calculus II) Credits: 5
MATH M15 (Introductory Statistics) MATH 1123 (Statistics) Credits: 4
MUS M01 (Fundamentals of Music) MUS 1400 (Music Fundamentals I) Credits: 3
MUS M08 (Music Appreciation) MUS 1000 (Intro Western Classical Music) Credits: 3
PHIL M01 (Intro to Philosophy) PHIL 1000 (Intro to World Philosophies) Credits: 3
PHIL M02 (Intro to Ethics) PHIL 2500 (Ethics in America) Credits: 3
PHIL M07 (Introduction to Logic) PHIL 2090 (Principles of Logic) Credits: 3
PHIL M11 (World Religions: West) REL 1XXX () Credits: 3
PHSO M01 (Human Physiology(without ANAT)) BIOL 2XXX () Credits: 5
BIOL 2XXX () Credits: 5
POLS M01 (Introduction to Politics) PSCI 2000 (Introduction to Politics) Credits: 3
POLS M03 (American Govt/Politics) PSCI 1400 (American Political System) Credits: 3
PSY M01 (Intro to Psychology) PSY 1000 (Introduction to Psychology) Credits: 3
PSY M02 (Intro Behav Neuroscien) PSY 2XXX () Credits: 3
PSY M04 (Child Psychology) PSY 2XXX () Credits: 3
PSY M05 (Social Psychology) PSY 1XXX () Credits: 3
SOC M01 (Introduction to Sociology) SOC 1000 (Introduction to Sociology) Credits: 3
SOC M02 (Social Problems) SOC 2000 (Social Problems and Policy) Credits: 3
SOC M04 (Intmcy/Relatnshp/Commit) SOC 1XXX () Credits: 3
SPAN M01 (Elementary Spanish I) SPAN 1100 (Beginning Spanish I) Credits: 0
THA M01 (Introduction to Theatre) THEA 1000 (Introduction to Theater) Credits: 3
THA M02A (Acting I) THEA 2320 (Acting I: Basic for Stg & Scr) Credits: 3
THA M11 (Theatre Production:Technical) THEA 1400 (Intro to Technical Theater) Credits: 3
BUS M02C (Managerial Accounting) ACCT 2000 (Principles of Accounting I) Credits: 3
ACCT 2010 (Principles of Accounting II) Credits: 3
PHSO M01 (Human Physiology) BIOL 2030 (Anatomy and Physiology I) Credits: 9
BIOL 2030 (Anatomy and Physiology I) Credits: 9
BIOL 2031 (Anatomy and Physiology I Lab) Credits: 0
BIOL 2031 (Anatomy and Physiology I Lab) Credits: 0
BIOL 2032 (Anatomy and Physiology II) Credits: 0
BIOL 2032 (Anatomy and Physiology II) Credits: 0
BIOL 2033 (Anatomy and Physiology II Lab) Credits: 0
BIOL 2033 (Anatomy and Physiology II Lab) Credits: 0

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